Digital billboard makes an entrance

Locations are being narrowed down for a digital billboard in Enderby

Locations are being narrowed down for a digital billboard in Enderby.

The $18,000 sign will be located along George Street (Highway 97A) either in the city hall parking lot or next to the Telus equipment station.

“We have to get the best bang for our investment,” said Mayor Howie Cyr of needing a site along the busy highway.

The goal of the sign will be to inform residents and motorists of activities going on in the community.

If the sign is located in the city hall parking lot, that will provide easy access for city staff to manually input information.

“If wireless technology was the preferred method for uploading information, the digital billboard should be located within 250 to 300 metres for optimal performance,” said Kurt Inglis, assistant corporate officer.

“It is anticipated that city staff would be updating the messaging on the billboard about once per week depending on factors such as the time of the year, the number of events occurring within the community and any potential policy that council may adopt regarding the permitted types of advertising.”

Depending on the location, the billboard will require a sign permit, a development variance permit and a setback permit.

The prospect of a digital billboard has created some discussion among residents.


“Some people have said it will be a distraction to  drivers but the Okanagan already has a lot of big billboards,” said Cyr.