Direction signs proceed

New signs will highlight public parking and facilities in Vernon

The City of Vernon hopes residents and tourists are moving in the right direction.

Council has approved the installation of signs in the spring that will show motorists how to get to communities facilities and public parking lots.

“It will be nice to freshen up the city,” said Coun. Brian Quiring.

When it comes to parking, the signs will have an orange background with a white P in a green circle.

“We wanted signage to compliment city branding and will be esthetically pleasing and efficient,” said Cleo Corbett, long range planner.

Signs will also point to amenities such as the library, art gallery and Polson Park.

“Highway signs will be bigger because people are travelling faster,” said Corbett, adding that the the back of signs won’t go to waste.

“If left blank, they can encourage vandalism so there is an opportunity to put lifestyle pictures of Vernon on the back.”

About 40 directional signs will be replaced.

“The new signs are larger and brighter, with colour-coded amenities and attractions. They are attractive, playful and modern, and speak to the community character of Vernon,`said Corbett.

However, some city politicians have reservations about the program.

“There should be a couple of places around town with maps that show where the parking lots are,” said Coun. Catherine Lord.

The budget for the program, including use of a consultant, is $48,000, and further enhancements could ultimately occur.

“A possible phase three is cycling and pedestrian signage,” said Corbett.