Director against symphony cash

Increased funding for Okanagan Symphony has hit a sour note with one politician.

Mike Gavinchuk, BX-Swan Lake director, has voted against the North Okanagan Regional District increasing its annual financial contribution to the symphony.

“An organization of that stature should look after its own affairs,” he said, adding that NORD needs to be more responsible with taxpayers’ money.

“Most people in Vernon don’t even go to it. Why should we as taxpayers pay for it?”

The change in the tax requisition limit from function participants allows for a $9,000 grant, up from $6,000.

The increased amount will take place in 2012 as the regional district has completed its budget for 2011.

“We need to look after arts and culture in the community,” said Wayne Lippert, Vernon director.

“We want to keep organizations like that alive for the enjoyment of residents and people who visit the community.”

The symphony asked late last year for increased funding to help cover its annual operating costs.

The participating jurisdictions in the NORD function are Vernon, Coldstream, BX-Swan Lake, BX-Silver Star, rural Lumby and rural Enderby.


“The symphony is an important part of our cultural well-being,” said Rick Fairbairn, rural Lumby director. “There are people in rural Lumby who attend symphony functions.”