Directors taking final look at sports complex plan

Politicians are poised for final hurdles before determining the scope of a running track.

Politicians are poised for final hurdles before determining the scope of a running track.

The Greater Vernon Advisory Committee is expected to decide Thursday whether there will be any cuts to the proposed $8.5 million sports complex at Okanagan College.

“We have to balance out the best facility and what can be sustained by the community,” said director Rob Sawatzky.

“What will be supported at referendum (in April)?”

Staff was asked to review the design plans because of a concern that the public may not vote for the current price tag.

The potential budget reductions considered by directors are off-site works, the turf field, soccer field construction, the track surface and seating.

Off-site works could be trimmed from $1 million to $392,700 if curb, gutter and sidewalk are substituted by a multi-use path.

The preferred synthetic turf surface is $1.1 million but that could be replaced by natural grass at $525,000.

Developing a sand-based grass soccer field would cost $195,000 while it would be $50,000 for a soil-based natural grass field.

The options for a rubberized track are a mondon surface at $1.7 million or a polyurethane surface for $1.5 million. The life expectancy for the mondon is 25 years while it is 12 years for the polyurethane.

Directors must also decide whether there is covered space for 400 people at $400,000 or open air seating for the same crowd for $200,000.

The land would be leased from Okanagan College and a facility based on minimum lease requirements is $5.4 million.

Director Gyula Kiss is reluctant to reduce the scope of the proposal because that could undermine support from the user groups needed to promote the concept to voters leading up to the referendum.

“I want to bring it in front of people and they can decide,” he said of the $8.5 million project.


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