A temporary bus stop on 48th Avenue

A temporary bus stop on 48th Avenue

Dispute erupts over transit in Vernon

City council upset that an agreement for a transit stop couldn't be reached with the Village Green Centre

The City of Vernon is challenging one of its largest taxpayers over transit.

Council is upset that a land swap was not reached with the Village Green Centre which would have allowed a transit pullout to be constructed on 48th Avenue. Instead, a temporary stop on the road will become permanent and passengers will have to walk through the mall parking lot to reach the mall.

“I’m disappointed and it will be hard for seniors and the disabled, especially in the winter,” said Coun. Dalvir Nahal.

Representatives for the Village Green Centre told The Morning Star that they will respond to the matter Tuesday.

Council has directed staff administration to refer all public concerns related to no transit stop at the mall to Bentall Kennedy, the owner of the mall.

Mayor Akbal Mund will also express council’s disappointment in a letter to Bentall Kennedy.

“We’re not happy and the residents of our community will have to walk across a parking lot with vehicles,” said Mund.

“How they (mall) consider that safe for their customers, I don’t have a clue.”

Earlier this year, the transit stop was moved to 48th Avenue because First Canada, which operates transit, stated it couldn’t provide the service in a safe manner at the mall’s food court entrance.