District considers drainage

Drainage infrastructure reserve fund established following Coldstream flooding

Coincidentally after a recent bout of floodwaters, Coldstream is now saving for a rainy day.

A new drainage infrastructure reserve fund has been established, with $32,500 coming from taxation.

“We didn’t have anything earmarked for drainage at all,” said Trevor Seibel, director of financial administration.

The fund creation follows the March 3 and 4 flooding in Coldstream, which caused water pooling in a number of neighbourhoods, erosion to banks and sent a river of water flowing down Kalamalka Road.

Although some drainage issues were already evident in the community, the flooding supported those issues while also revealing additional problems.

“A lot of the things we do are intended for the day-to-day events, they’re not intended for unusual weather events,” said Mike Pethick, public works operations superintendent, of the existing drainage infrastructure.

In light of the recent flooding, Coun. Maria Besso has asked Pethick to come back to council, before next spring, with a report on how best to mitigate future flooding on Kalamalka and Kidston roads.

“It looks like these weather events, maybe it’s climate change, but they’re becoming more frequent,” said Besso, noting the last big event which occurred in January 2010. “The one in 100 year storm is happening in two years, twice.”

Construction continues in Coldstream

Just two months into the year and construction has doubled in Coldstream, compared to last year.

February proved to be a strong month for building in Coldstream, as nine permits were issued with a total construction value of $1.3 million.

That’s compared to two permits and a construction value of $405,000 for the same month last year.

And year-to-date, the number of permits has doubled compared to the same period in 2011.

“It’s worthy to note that the total number of permits are up and the total value is up 40 per cent from last year,” said Coun. Maria Besso, who is encouraged to see that the construction industry is doing well.

“Things aren’t maybe as bad as they seem.”