District doubles tractor budget

Coldstream council has agreed to increase the budgeted amount from $90,000 to $180,000

Despite some questions about practicality, Coldstream is moving ahead with a major equipment purchase.

Council has agreed to increase the budgeted amount from $90,000 to $180,000 to acquire a diesel tractor for roadside mowing.

“Is there a multi-purpose function we can look at?” said Coun. Richard Enns, who hopes a costly piece of machinery could have more than one use.

Other functions are possible in the future but a blade or bucket would be required.

The specifics of the machine are also being scrutinized.

“If it’s just going down the road, I question the need for four-wheel drive,” said Coun. Peter McClean.

According to Mike Pethick, operations superintendent, most tractors have four-wheel drive.

“We just feel there can be fairly rugged terrain. In the past, they have been utilized for snow removal,” he said.

Four bids for tractors came in above the original budget amount of $90,000.

“Staff did investigate the potential of purchasing a new tractor and utilizing the existing mowing attachments. However this approach had two significant drawbacks,” said Pethick. “The mount for the side mowing attachment would have added an additional $30,000 to the purchase price and the existing mowing attachments are nearing their lifespan and will require ongoing repairs.”

The tractor that is being replaced is 20 years old.