District eager to cash in on Liberal promises

Lake Country Mayor James Baker is preparing to work with new Liberal MP Stephen Fuhr

  • Oct. 28, 2015 12:00 p.m.

Lake Country Mayor James Baker is preparing to work with new Liberal MP Stephen Fuhr on the district’s ongoing infrastructure shortage.

Baker says the fact that the Liberals promised a record amount of infrastructure spending bodes well for the district’s attempts to acquire funding.

“The Liberal platform was good with regard to infrastructure spending so we have to see that some of that comes our way,” said Baker.

“Our biggest issue is our Transportation for Tomorrow plan so we hope they can continue the grant program like Build Canada and have that relate to what we are doing with our roads and cycling paths and other infrastructure like water and sewer.”

Baker said the district has had good success securing money from senior levels of government in the past, with the key being the grant applications sent in by the municipality.

“It is imperative that we can access this money. We are such a fast-growing community and we have a lot of deficits in our infrastructure.”

Fuhr will leave for Ottawa Sunday to be sworn in as Kelowna-Lake Country MP.

“Infrastructure was a big part of our party platform,” said Fuhr.

“We were the only party in my opinion that had the fiscal plan that addressed the problem. Our economy lacks jobs and growth and infrastructure jobs are the solution. Lake Country has its own needs so I need to meet with them and find out what their priorities are. I’m going to make sure Lake Country gets the resources they need that are available from the federal government.”

The Liberals campaigned on deficit budgets to increase funding for infrastructure projects right across the country as municipalities grapple with the fact that much of its infrastructure is outdated and in need of upgrades.