District of Coldstream offers tax incentives

Coldstream is providing some tax breaks to encourage development in certain areas, plus other news from council...

Coldstream is providing some tax breaks to encourage development in certain areas.

Staff has been instructed to prepare two tax revitalization exemption bylaws.  One will be for the town centre area and it will include reductions of development cost charges and building permit fees. The second bylaw would be for the Highway 6 shopping centre zone, the Ricardo Road industrial area and the Lavington industrial area and it would not contain DCC or building permit fee reductions.

“The goal is to create incentives for people doing sustainable construction in central Coldstream,” said Coun. Richard Enns of environmental standards in the town centre.

Opposition came from Councillors Pat Cochrane and Maria Besso.

“We shouldn’t put private sector development that’s been in the works for years at a disadvantage to the town centre,” said Cochrane of the Highway 6 shopping centre zone.

Gas tax grants sought

Coldstream is seeking federal gas tax money for two projects.

Applications are being submitted for phase two of the Kidston Road multi-use path and the Coldstream Creek intercepted groundwater management project.

In terms of the Kidston Road path, Mayor Jim Garlick wants to speak to B.C. Parks about the area along the red gate at Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park.

“Perhaps we can get into some (cost) sharing,” he said.

Palfrey Road project proceeds

A contentious residential development has been given the green light.

Coldstream council has adopted official community plan and zoning amendments for a five-lot subdivision at the end of Palfrey Drive East.

Some nearby residents had expressed concerns about traffic and the impact on the rural setting.