Divers trying to determine best way to dispose of UXO

Unexploded ordinance in Kalamalka Lake still being investigated

Divers are trying to determine how to dispose of a UXO in Kal Lake.

Divers are trying to determine how to dispose of a UXO in Kal Lake.

It’s an unexploded ordinance (UXO) all right.

What kind of UXO found in Kal Lake Monday, however, military divers from Fleet Diving Unit Pacific have yet to determine.

As of Thursday, two divers were on the ground and three more were on their way to investigate the discovery of the UXO in Kal Lake in 20-feet of water, about 100-feet off-shore from Cosens Bay, by a Sea-Dooer Monday.

“The divers will be doing a reconnaissance of the area and a site survey,” explained Lt.-Navy Greg Menzies, navy public affairs spokesperson. “They are working in close coordination with the RCMP the best method to identify, collect and dispose of the UXO.

“The final steps around the UXO will be to make sure the area is safe.”

Divers will conduct a sweep of the area after disposing of the UXO. They are expected to be in the area for four-to-five days.

The area was a training site during the Second World War. A number of UXOs have been found in Coldstream and the Commonage since the end of the war.

Justin Hildebrand, an Okanagan Dive Club member, was on his Sea-Doo Monday at around 2 p.m. when he stopped and went for a dive. That’s when he discovered the UXO and immediately phoned the RCMP, who alerted the military.

Hildebrand again found the UXO and took pictures with his camera.