Volunteers are needed to keep Santa’s Workshop running in Enderby.

Volunteers are needed to keep Santa’s Workshop running in Enderby.

Doors may close at Santa’s Workshop in Enderby

Volunteers are needed to keep the Christmas tradition alive

Efforts are underway to keep a Christmas tradition alive in Enderby.

The long-time volunteers who operated Santa’s Workshop are retiring and that means the program may not be available this year.

“We may have a suitable location but  are desperately looking for some new elves,” said Brian Schreiner, a city councillor.

“The former elves are willing to pass on their knowledge to Santa’s new helpers.”

The workshop collected toys to be refurbished and other items so children could do affordable Christmas shopping to buy for siblings, parents and other family members.

Money collected went to charities in Enderby.

“These two elves put in a lot of tremendous work and hours,” said Schreiner.

“We sincerely appreciate the elves’ efforts and it would be a shame for some local children if they are unable to use the workshop. It has become a staple part of our Enderby Christmas.”

Schreiner is hoping interested residents will step forward to take on the workshop for this holiday season.

If you are interested in volunteering or for more information, contact Schreiner at benhogan@telus.net or Jackie Pearase at jpearase.gmail.com

“There must be someone out their who wants to work for Santa. Wouldn’t that be an awesome job?” said Schreiner.