Drivers keep heads up

The City of Vernon is shouting “Heads Up" for improved safety

The City of Vernon is shouting “Heads Up.”

It’s the name of a campaign the city is launching, asking drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to keep their heads up as the diminishing daylight reduces visibility, and increases the risk of collisions.

Pedestrians and cyclists are advised to keep heads up for drivers and to be seen, be safe, and be lit.

Wear or carry a light at dusk, in low light or in poor weather. Wear white, bright and reflective clothing. Pay attention and keep heads up at intersections and avoid distractions like texting.

Stop, look and listen and make eye contact with drivers before you cross.

Drivers are asked to keep their heads up for pedestrians and cyclists, especially around intersections and in low light.

Pay attention. Avoid distracted driving, including texting, and watch for vehicles slowing down around you as they may be yielding to a pedestrian.

Follow traffic signals rather than pedestrian signals, which aren’t always timed to traffic lights.

Make eye contact with pedestrians and cyclists.

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