Election 2014: Council options increase

City of Vernon: There are 14 candidates for Vernon’s six councillor seats in the Nov. 15 election.

There are 14 candidates for Vernon’s six councillor seats in the Nov. 15 election.

Among them are Scott Anderson and Colt Wilson.

“We absolutely need to revitalize the business environment in Vernon,” said Anderson, who is in corporate communications and operate a recycling business.

“It’s not just a matter of streamlining city regulations, although that is crucial. It will also require provincial and federal co-operation on such things as transportation.”

Anderson, who recently sought the federal Conservative nomination, says there is a need to focus on repairing city infrastructure.

“I’m also deeply concerned about a perceived inability of citizens to make their voices heard by council,” he said.

“As councillor I plan to actively seek out input from citizens on major issues, and to bring those forward to council.”

Anderson is a member of Silver Star Rotary and the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce.

Wilson was born and raised in Vernon.

“I have a lot of roots here and I don’t necessarily like the direction that’s been occurring,” said the letter carrier and president of the local Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

“I want to be involved and help the community I live in.”

A campaign focus will be the economy.

“I want to create jobs here and retain the jobs we have,” he said.

Wilson also believes the city should put more emphasis on the environment.

“Vernon needs to focus on being green. We don’t  want to destroy what we have that makes this area so beautiful.”

The other candidates for Vernon councillor are Juliette Cunningham, Kari Gares, Jack Gilroy, Art Gourley, Janet Green, Shawn Lee, Catherine Lord, Dalvir Nahal, Mark Olsen, Brian Quiring, Bob Spiers and James Todd.