Election 2014: Enderby candidates list priorities

City of Enderby: What is the No. 1 issue in Enderby and why should residents vote for you?

  • Nov. 14, 2014 6:00 p.m.


During the past term much has been accomplished within our city, things which have positioned us to move to yet another level of success. We have reached a point where our community is respected, by our regional partners and provincial and federal representatives alike.

There are a number of goals to achieve, such as acquiring the CP Rail corridor which runs through our community, developing Barnes Park into a first class outdoor fitness/spray park and lobbying the minister of health to provide support for our seniors so they can age in place, to name only a few.  However, in order to accomplish these goals, the city needs strong leadership, the kind of leadership I have provided during my term as mayor.

Therefore, it is my considered opinion, the No. 1 issue is leadership.


The No. 1 issue in Enderby is providing the services our citizens need from affordable taxes to reliable health care. We have to invest in our business community and celebrate our river and beautiful surrounding region. As the mayor, I would be working with our amazing volunteers and community groups to accomplish a clear list of priorities that will benefit everyone.

One of those would be family and senior services that would include a strong relationship with the RCMP so that community safety will be at the top of the list. I will also be committed to having a highly informed council that will be positioned to not just identify solutions but ready to work with city hall to accomplish them.

The position of mayor in our community is communication and hard work and I can’t wait to serve you.