Election 2014: Trio of choices for trustee seats

School District 83: Bob Fowler and Laurie Myers are hoping to keep their positions, while Kelly Rowe has added her name to the mix

Three people are vying for two Armstrong school trustee seats in the Nov. 15 election.

Incumbents Bob Fowler and Laurie Myers are hoping to keep their positions, while Kelly Rowe has added her name to the mix.

Armstrong native Bob Fowler is seeking an eighth term, which would be four years in length, as North Okanagan-Shuswap school board trustee.

“I want people to know that I have an open mind and an ear they can voice their opinions upon,” said Fowler, a resident care aide who grew up and attended elementary and high school in Armstrong.

“I am running for school trustee because I feel I make a valuable contribution to the board of education. I understand the current issues of enrolment decline and the resulting funding cutbacks.”

Fowler states he’ll continue to be an advocate for parents and their concerns about their children’s  education.

“I would like to spend the next four years reestablishing our positive relationship with our employee groups and continuing to put pressure on our provincial government to fund the future leaders of this province,” he said. “I want the hands of this great country to be well educated so let us fund them appropriately.”

The gap in funding for learning is why Laurie Myers ran for school board trustee in Armstrong in the first place, and it’s still one of the reasons the realtor is seeking a third term as trustee.

Part of Myers’ core values and belief system is that “one shouldn’t complain about something unless they are willing to do something about it.”

“Six years later, I am able to see and appreciate the great work that is and has been done, and feel there is more we can accomplish,” said Myers, who serves as co-president and registrar with the Armstrong Preschool.

“Early Childhood learning is crucial to the whole system; it is what helps our youth develop into upstanding and successful young adults. As a district, we have made great strides in our programs and I want to be a part of helping to ensure these programs are continued and expanded for the betterment of our youth.”

Hoping to unseat one of the two incumbents is former Armstrong councillor Kelly Rowe, a mortgage broker who spent the last six years on city council.

The recent teachers strike convinced Rowe that, along with her council experience, she would be a good advocate for the students, teachers and the district as a whole.

“I feel as though there needs to be more communication between the school board and local government,” said Rowe.

“I have participated in the grad showcases as well as the exit interview process at Pleasant Valley Secondary School for the past six years, and am amazed every time by the quality students we send out in the world. They are our future.”

During her time on council, Rowe was the chair for four years of Armstrong Spallumcheen Parks and Recreation, and was part of the selection committee for student bursaries.

“I have a vested interest in being a valuable part of the team comprised of students, teachers, school board and local government,” said Rowe. “I feel as though my recent commitment to the community as that of a councilor has given me some skills and experience to be able to be a good representative for all parties. I can be a voice for Armstrong parents and PAC’s (Parent Advisory Councils).”