Election 2014: Veteran withdraws candidacy

City of Armstrong: Incumbent John Trainor will not run again as a councillor in Armstrong

Armstrong residents have one less choice on the city council ballot for the Nov. 15 selection.

Incumbent John Trainor, who would have been seeking a seventh term as councillor, announced Friday he was withdrawing his candidacy.

“I’m on vacation and I’ve had a lot of time to do some thinking, and I’ve decided I need to prioritize what’s important in my life” said Trainor from the United Kingdom.

“I was thinking if I really wanted to spend another four years doing what I’ve done for the last 18 years, and I determined I don’t really need to do that.

“I need and want to put my family, my business and my health ahead of that.”

Trainor, who runs a financial business, has been the head of the city’s finance committee.

He will stay on as chairperson of the Okanagan Film Commission.

“It has been a privilege to work with great, dedicated politicians and staff who always put the public’s interests first ahead of their own,” said Trainor.

There will be at least three seats to fill on council to replace Trainor, Ryan Nitchie and Kelly Rowe. Nitchie stepped down earlier this year to join the Columbia-Shuswap Regional District while Rowe is stepping down to seek a  seat on the North Okanagan Shuswap School District board.

Fellow incumbent councillors Shirley Fowler, Ron (Sully) O’Sullivan and Paul Britton will be seeking re-election. They are joined on the ballot by hopefuls Kerry Bennington, Steven Drapala, Helen Jackson, Lance McGregor, Dave McKechnie, Gil Melin, Robert Thibeau, and Linda Werner.

Mayor Chris Pieper has been re-elected by acclamation.