Elections stall recall

A busy election scene has delayed a proposed attempt to recall MLA Eric Foster.

Organizers of the recall effort against the Vernon-Monashee Liberal MLA say there was interest in proceeding with a petition campaign during a meeting Sunday, but the timing of an effort is unknown.

“There are lots of issues involved like the HST referendum and the federal election,” said Rod Baziw, with the organizing group.

“We could lose a lot of volunteers because of those.”

It was originally suggested that a recall petition could begin in mid-March and June was recently considered.

But Baziw says organizers need to know that the resources are in place to go door-to-door with petitions if a petition against Foster hopes to be successful.

“The biggest concern is the number of volunteers required.”

There are currently 45,206 registered voters in Vernon-Monashee and 18,082 signatures would be required to recall Foster.

During a visit by former premier Bill Vander Zalm in January, it was announced that 300 volunteer canvassers had been signed up in the constituency.

The recall committee will hold a meeting April 17 at 2 p.m. at the People Place to determine further effort in a campaign.