Electricity usage record broken in Okanagan

Okanagan residents are breaking last year’s electricity records this summer, says FortisBC.

“We hit a new summer peak load on our electric system of 615 MW on July 16, higher than our previous summer peak load of 601 MW from August 5, 2014. By comparison, last year’s summer peak was 593 MW on July 6. We’re anticipating this peak to increase over the next few days. Incidentally, our highest peak load on record is 746 MW from December 2008,” said communications advisor Nicole Bogdanovic, with FortisBC.

“Because of the upgrades we’ve completed over the years, especially in Kelowna and the South Okanagan, we’re confident our system will deliver the electricity our customers are relying on, even as the temperatures spike.”

Customers can keep track of their electricity usage by using an online tool through the FortisBC website.

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