ElectroMotion renews agreement with municipality

ElectroMotion renews agreement with municipality

Second three-year agreement signed with inventor of energy efficiency unit

ElectroMotion Energy has renewed a three-year agreement with the municipality of Summerland.

The agreement is the Distributed Generation Peak Grid Management Pilot Project. It was first signed three years ago.

The company has designed the Revolution unit, which replaces traditional heating, cooling and hot water systems into a single unit that also generates electricity.

Jai Zachary, founder and chief executive officer of ElectroMotion, said the company’s goals include helping residents reduce energy costs and carbon emissions, provide increased energy security and reduce peak electricity demands.

Because of the efficiencies in the Revolution unit, users could see energy savings between 30 and 70 per cent, he said.

Zachary says the pilot project could see the units installed and built in Summerland.

At present, however, the Revolution is not in production. A prototype can be seen at the ElectroMotion facility.