Electronic sales focus of advisory

RCMP advise customers to be cautious of back of van electronic sales

Authorities are keeping an eye on retail sales occurring out of the back of a vehicle.

The City of Vernon and the RCMP have received 30 complaints over the last couple of months about individuals selling electronics from a Dodge Caravan.

“They ask strangers if they want to buy a television or sound system,” said Gord Molendyk, RCMP spokesperson.

“They are not breaking a criminal law because the products are not stolen but because it’s being sold out of the back of a vehicle, it should ring bells and whistles.”

It’s believed the individuals may be in contravention of city bylaws because they do not have a business permit.

Molendyk claims the electronic equipment may be worth less than it’s being sold for.

“They probably purchased them bulk off the Internet,” he said.