Enderby budget fails to draw a crowd

No one showed up during the public input session on the Enderby 2012 budget Monday.

There doesn’t appear to be much interest in Enderby’s latest financial plan.

No one showed up during the public input session on the 2012 budget Monday.

“Our staff did an excellent job in finding savings within operations,” said Mayor Howie Cyr.

“They searched out things we can do more efficiently and we can still move forward and do some street repairs.”

The 2012 budget calls for a 1.4 per cent tax increase.

New deputy fire chief on duty

There’s been a shift in leadership at the Enderby Fire Department.

Firefighters have elected Shane Williamson as deputy chief after Travis Horsman resigned to move up north for employment.

“Shane has been active with the department for many years,” said Mayor Howie Cyr after city council confirmed the appointment.

Cyr says Horsman will be missed.

“He’s been great in the community and involved in many things.”

The volunteer department covers the city as well as part of the adjacent rural area.

“There’s a good crew of people over in the fire hall,” said Cyr.

Crosswalk awareness increases

More is being done to make motorists aware of the Cliff Avenue crosswalk.

The City of Enderby will move the crosswalk sign west of the bridge to improve the line of sight for westbound traffic approaching the crosswalk east of Railway Street.

“The crosswalk sign is placed in front of the cross, which obscures pedestrians waiting to cross from the view of oncoming traffic,” said Tate Bengston, deputy chief administrative officer.

Argo Road Maintenance will also be asked to install an advance sign warning westbound traffic of a pedestrian crossing east of the bridge and that the No Loitering sign on the northwest edge of the bridge be moved so improve sight lines for westbound traffic.