Enderby considers options for improving drainage

Enderby works to curb flooding

Enderby politicians have a better sense of what needs to be done to prevent future flooding.

Council was presented with a report Tuesday that looks at drainage and two recent rain storms that led to flooding in homes and businesses.

“This situation can’t continue,” said Coun. Beryl Ludwig.

The report from Quantum Consulting Group identifies the challenges with drainage and what upgrades are needed to rectify the problem at 14 locations.

In the 700 block of Vernon Street, water was coming out of catch  basins on to the road and running into properties.

“In a major storm event, the downstream pipe capacity/ condition is not adequate to handle flows and is causing surcharging in lines,” states the report.

An interim solution at this Vernon Street location is to provide property owners with a hose to pump water across the road. The probable permanent solution is replacing the downstream storm sewer.

Along Regent Avenue, water ran out of catch basins and into properties.

Sand bags have been provided in the short-term to protect properties but the ultimate solution may be replacing the storm sewer and constructing sidewalks to raise the grade.

Mayor Dee Wejr believes improvements are unavoidable.

“It’s going to be expensive but we need to put in larger drains,” she said.

“We can’t have it (flooding) impacting residences and businesses.”

The next step will be to establish potential costs and a timeline for making changes to the drainage system.

“This is important. We need to start planning and determining whether we can get the money from,” said Wejr.

“We want to get it resolved but we want to get it resolved properly.”