Enderby council approaches pharmacies

There is a concern that drug stores are not open Sundays

Enderby politicians are hoping to improve health care access for residents.

Council will approach the two pharmacies to see if they are willing to open Sundays.

“We’re hoping to convince them to take turns on Sundays, one for each Sunday,” said Coun. Brian Schreiner.

“Right now, if your kid gets an ear ache, you have to go to Vernon, Salmon Arm or Armstrong (on a Sunday).”

The city has been urging residents to shop local.

“I appreciate that there are staffing issues and an extra cost (when businesses are open Sundays), but it could create extra revenue,” said Schreiner.

Mayor Greg McCune supports approaching the pharmacies.

“We can’t walk in and demand but we want to have a discussion to possibly improve the conditions of the community,” he said.

Four-way stop approved

Measures are being taken to improve safety at an Enderby intersection.

Council has directed staff to implement a four-way stop at Cliff Avenue and Sicamous Street, along with advanced warning signs in the spring.

“There are seven blocks of open, straight road on Sicamous Street and the speed is getting high,” said Mayor Greg McCune.

“The four-way stop slows traffic down.”

Sicamous Street goes through a residential neighbourhood and is a key route for children walking to M.V. Beattie Elementary.