Enderby council demands building be removed

Derelict Little City Fashions building in Enderby is coming down no matter what

A derelict building in Enderby is coming down no matter what.

Council members ordered the owners of the former Little City Fashions building on Cliff Avenue to remove the fire-damaged structure in 30 days.

“If they don’t remediate the site, the city will clean it up and charge the property owners,” said Mayor Howie Cyr.

Fire gutted the building Jan. 28, 2011, but nothing has been done, since then, to clean the site up.

Complaints have poured in from residents as well as the Enderby Chamber of Commerce.

“The community is fed up with the eyesore downtown. It’s a health and safety hazard.”

“Staff has provided all kinds of latitude and warned them (property owners) of the risk — glass falling on to the street, the hanging awning and vermin in the building.”

The city has notified the property owners about the building numerous times.

“On July 20, 2012, staff sent a letter to the owners advising that the awning, which encroached on city property, was pulling away from the building and requested that it be removed or repaired,” said Tate Bengston, deputy chief administrative officer, in a report.

“They further advised the owners that the city may take additional measures including ordering remedial action in accordance with the Community Charter. No response was received from the owners.”

If the city has to clean up the site, any costs can either be added to property taxes or the land can be sold.


“The balance of any property sale after cost recovery would be paid to the owners,” said Bengston.