Enderby demands ride sharing

Enderby wants ride sharing in small communities and not just urban centres

Enderby demands ride sharing

Enderby wants assurances that ride sharing isn’t just a priority in urban centres.

The provincial government recently indicated that riding sharing operations, such as Uber, will be allowed to proceed, but there is a concern that the focus will only be on large cities.

“Urban communities already have more transportation options and as a smaller community, we don’t have that. We hope the government considers that,” said Brian Schreiner, an Enderby councillor.

Besides lobbying the government, Enderby is pursuing support from the Southern Interior Local Government Association for ride sharing in small and rural communities.

Schreiner says it can be difficult for residents to get around if they don’t have a vehicle or there isn’t transit.

“It may be an elderly person with no family around and it’s tough for them,” he said.

Market could expand

There may be more chances for Enderby farmers and artisans to mingle with the public.

The Enderby Open Air Market made a presentation to city council recently about plans for 2017.

“For July and August, they are looking at a Thursday night market along with the regular Friday morning market,” said Mayor Greg McCune.

“We think it’s a great idea.”

The prospect of a Thursday night market will be discussed with the Enderby Chamber of Commerce.

Council is also looking at other initiatives with the market.

“We talked about improving signage for parking,” said McCune.