Enderby denies request for trap prohibition

Enderby won't be clamping down on the use of leg-hold traps following complaint

The City of Enderby won’t be clamping down on the use of leg-hold traps.

Council won’t enact a bylaw banning traps used to catch rodents and other animals.

“We haven’t been able to identify if we’ve ever had a problem,” said Coun. Greg McCune.

“We’ve never had a complaint (about traps).”

Resident Gina Son recently asked council for a ban and suggested some residents may be using traps to kill beavers and other animals considered to be a nuisance.

“I believe these traps, such as the leg-hold trap, are cruel, outdated and pose a safety risk to local residents and their pets,” she said in a letter to council.

“Trapping is so problematic that a handful of other communities have banned traps.”

Council’s decision not to pursue a ban came after receiving advice from city staff.

“The first consideration is to establish if government action is warranted,” said Barry Gagnon, chief administrative officer, in a memo.

“To determine this, the problem should be clearly defined and all approaches, including non-regulatory, should be considered. The efficiency and effectiveness of the policy approach, including bylaw enforcement, should be evaluated to ensure practicality.”

McCune points out that the city’s bylaw enforcement department is already busy.

“It will focus on issues there are in the community,” he said of existing bylaws like noise or unsightly premises.

But while there won’t be a bylaw prohibiting leg-hold traps, McCune insists the city wants animals treated humanely.


“All of us think it (traps) is an awful thing and if there was a problem, we’d have done something,” he said.