Enderby draws up clarity over art policy

There are firm ground rules when it comes to art in Enderby

There are firm ground rules when it comes to art in Enderby.

Council adopted a public art policy Monday.

“It makes the process a little more formal,” said Coun. Shawn Shishido. “People will be clear with what the terms are right from the start.”

The policy deals with a number of issues, including the requirement for public art proposals to have council approval, ownership and maintenance of public art and the ability to remove a public art installation.

The city possibly moving art from a location preferred by the artist has been a focus of debate.

“We can’t have everything in one place,” said Mayor Greg McCune.

“We want to create an art walk in the community. We want to keep it fresh.”

Discussion about an art policy arose after Grindrod-based Runaway Moon Theatre presented city council with a model for a calendar art project.

“The policy is intended as a guideline for council when considering public art proposals and it should be noted that council can vary its policy on a case-by-case basis,” said Kurt Inglis, the city’s assistant corporate officer.

“The policy as presented does nothing to add to council’s current authority. It simply provides a basis for clarity in decision-making and the ownership and maintenance of public art for both council and the proponent.”