Enderby eager to retain recycling depot

Enderby is hoping to recycle the idea of having a collection depot in town

Enderby is hoping to recycle the idea of having a collection depot in town.

Since MMBC took over recycling services in B.C. (operated by Emterra Environmental), several rural collection sites are being removed.

“The depots are only in select places,” said Mayor Howie Cyr of the sites where glass jars, styrofoam and now plastic bags are collected.

There are only two depots for the entire North Okanagan, both in Vernon, at Interior Freight and Bottle Depot and Venture Training, as well as the local landfills.

The bottle depots in Enderby, Armstrong and Chasers (in Vernon) will stop collection of glass jars Tuesday.

But Cyr is hoping to persuade the Regional District of North Okanagan to keep the local collection bins.

“Just to see if we can maintain the existing depots,” said Cyr.

The Enderby Bottle Depot is also eager to keep the recycling option local.

“The town likes to have a place to bring them,” said manager Kim Flucke, who receives a lot of glass recyclables.

She is prepared to pay half of the pick-up cost if the city will pay the remainder to keep a glass bin on site.

Meanwhile one local resident would like to see even more bins set up locally. In addition to the glass bin, Linda Prevost asks that a plastic bin be put in place.

“At our house and maybe most others, there is a lot of plastic being used for various reasons,” said Prevost, who calls the new system “the demise of our Blue Bag recycling program.”

The main concern is that more items will end up in the trash as people won’t, or can’t go out of their way to deliver items into Vernon or the landfill.

“My concern is the majority of the town is little old ladies that don’t drive,” said Flucke.

She is planning to continue collecting plastic and cans – a service she provided previously for customers who do not receive curbside recycling pickup.

“I don’t want them in the garbage,” said Flucke, who was also sent a letter by MMBC stating that she had remove her milk jug collection bags as she was in competition with them.

She is fearful this new recycling program will cause many more items to be trashed, especially since she hasn’t heard one positive comment about it.

“It’s pretty discouraging.”

Meanwhile Cyr is urging his citizens to do the best they can.

“Anything new and different is stressful,” said Cyr. “I hear a variety of concerns.”

But he is also hopeful that Emterra will react to the problem areas.

“There’s going to be some glitches that they have to react to.

“Emterra’s going to have to fix that.”