Enderby expenses kept in line

Enderby politicians don't expect uprising over wages

Enderby politicians aren’t expecting an uprising over their wages.

The city’s 2011 annual report indicates that a total of $76,473 was paid out in remuneration and expenses to nine elected officials.

“It certainly hasn’t been an issue in past years,” said Coun. Earl Shipmaker of a lack of public feedback on compensation.

Remuneration is based on B.C.’s cost of living.

“None of us are out there as full-time politicians and it’s fair,” said Coun. Greg McCune.

Topping the list in 2011 was former mayor Dee Wejr, who had remuneration of $14,773 and expenses of $3,912 (for a total of $18,685).

That was followed by Coun. Beryl Ludwig with pay of $8,765 and expenses of $2,934 (total $11,699).

Howie Cyr, who spent most of the year as a councillor and then was elected mayor in November, had compensation of $10,581 — $7,975 in remuneration and $2,606 in expenses.

For the other councillors serving a full term, there was total compensation of $10,500 for Tony Vetter (not elected in November), $8,025 for Brad Case, $7,925 for McCune and $7,265 for Shipmaker.

The two new councillors elected in November — Raquel Knust and Tundra Baird — had remuneration and expenses of $897 each.