Enderby home destroyed by fire

Firefighters called to the 700 block of Enderby-Mabel Lake Road Tuesday night

An Enderby area couple have been forced out of their home.

Fire roared through the residence in the 700 block of Enderby-Mabel Lake Road just before 9 p.m. Tuesday.

“When we arrived, the structure and garage were fully involved,” said fire chief Kevin Alstad. “It’s a total loss.”

Firefighters were faced with some challenges, including the electricity being on in the house.

“The cold weather didn’t help. We had equipment freeze up,” said Alstad, adding that water had to be truck in because hydrants weren’t available.

A cause for the fire, which started in the garage, has not been determined yet.

“There’s a lot of damage. I have a good idea of where it started but how it started is a challenge to determine,” said Alstad.

“I need someone to help me pull the metal roof off because it’s laying over everything.”

Neighbours took the couple in for the night and it’s believed the couple have insurance.