Enderby investigates smart meters

B.C. Hydro invited to tell their side of smart meter debate

Enderby politicians want to foster discussion before considering a ban on smart meters.

The city is inviting B.C. Hydro to participate in a town hall meeting on remote monitoring devices and it has asked the corporation to not install meters in the community until that meeting takes place.

“There’s quite a difference of opinion from the experts from the Citizens for Safe Technology and B.C. Hydro,” said Coun. Earl Shipmaker.

“They are probably less dangerous than cordless phones, cellular phones and some TVs but it’s important to make the community aware of health concerns.”

Citizens for Safe Technology, which has asked for a ban on the devices, claims microwave radiation exposure can create a range of health issues, while the utility will know what appliances you are using by monitoring the meter.

B.C. Hydro insists the devices do not present a health concern and do not interfere with  privacy.

Instead of just making a decision on prohibition, Mayor Howie Cyr says it’s important for council and residents to hear a variety of opinions.

“It’s a hot topic and emotional for some and we want people to have an opportunity to be heard,” he said.

“We want both sides to state their case.”

A date has not been set yet for the town hall meeting in Enderby.