Enderby lands funding

Enderby gains grants for Knoll sustainability plan and bio-energy heating at public works buildings

Long-term sustainability is getting a significant boost in Enderby.

The city has received two federal gas tax grants — $180,000 for the Knoll sustainability plan and $276,700 for bio-energy heating for the public works buildings.

“It’s like an early Christmas present,” said Coun. Beryl Ludwig. “I can’t believe we got both grants.”

Ludwig says it would be impossible for city taxpayers to pursue these initiatives without the federal participation.

“We’d have to borrow the money,” she said.

In terms of the Knoll sustainability plan, it will provide for growth for beyond 20 years.

“It will help develop a future land use plan for the upper side of Enderby,” said Mayor Howie Cyr. “We will engage the community and discuss in-fill development and affordable, sustainable and disabled housing.”

Other issues that will be considered are water, roads, density and urban design.

“I hope we come up with a plan that works well for Enderby but will be a model for other communities,” said Cyr.

The city is contributing $20,000 to the Knoll initiative.

As for the bio-energy system, the project will eliminate the use of natural gas.

“It will be used to heat the public works building and we will utilize it in our sewer sludge drying process,” said Cyr.

“We will also use it in the dog pound for heating.”

By using chipped wood waste, the goal is to reduce the city’s heating costs and reduce the amount of waste going into the landfill.

It’s anticipated there will also be environmental benefits as greenhouse gases from the sewer drying beds will be reduced by 240 tons.

“There will also be 44 less truckloads of sludge going to the Armstrong landfill,” said Cyr.

The city is contributing $20,000 towards the bio-energy system.

Cyr is confident that both the heating program and the Knoll plan will have long-term benefits for the community.

“We are excited because these are innovative efforts on the part of the city,” he said.