Enderby pays tribute to volunteers

The City of Enderby has created four award categories to honour residents who are active volunteers.

There is a strong tradition of volunteerism in Enderby and now that’s being recognized.

The city has created four award categories to honour residents who are active volunteers.

“They are the heart and soul of the community,” said Coun. Tundra Baird.

“There are so many people who give of their time and are not recognized. They are making the community a better place to live in.”

Freedom of the city will be the highest honour the city can bestow on an individual.

The lifetime civic merit award will be presented to a resident who has volunteered for at least 15 years and has made a tangible difference to Enderby’s quality of life.

There will also be a civic appreciation award for  an individual or group who has benefitted the community.

“We need to recognize citizens who do so much. A thank you goes a long way,” said Coun. Raquel Knust.

“We have such a valuable set of volunteers in Enderby.”

The final category is a scholarship, with council members paying for it from their annual remuneration.

“It will go to a student looking at a civic-minded career,” said Baird.

It’s anticipated the freedom of the city and lifetime civic merit awards will be issued on rare occasions while the civic appreciation award will be presented quarterly. Nominations will be sought from the public.

The scholarship will be presented annually to a student based on council evaluating applications.

There are already plans to issue an award to a deserving citizen.

“There is one coming up this week and we’re putting together the details on the announcement,” said Baird, adding that the presentation will be a surprise.