Enderby politicians’ pay on ‘shy side’

$89,750 was paid out in remuneration and expenses for the seven council members

Enderby politicians are defending their pay.

The 2015 annual report has been released and it shows $89,750 was paid out in remuneration and expenses for the seven council members.

“With the amount of work council does, it’s a little bit on the shy side,” said Mayor Greg McCune, who earned $15,912 and had expenses of $3,479.

“When I tell people what we make, there is a stunned look on their face — ‘why would you do that?’ But our council is committed to the community 100 per cent.”

Among councillors, leading the pack was Brian Schreiner, who had remuneration of $8,916 and expenses of $4,274.

“I went to the Union of B.C. and Southern Interior Local Government Association conventions because I am retired and have the time to represent the community,” said Schreiner.

“We need to be at these conventions to represent the interests of the community. You get to deal with cabinet ministers and share best practises with your peers.”

Tundra Baird had remuneration of $9,276 as well as expenses of $3,182.

“I serve on the Okanagan Regional Library board and that brings remuneration up,” said Baird.

“I want to ensure Enderby is represented and the library is a huge asset to our community.”

Brad Case had remuneration of $8,496 and expenses of $3,297 while it was $8,856 and $3,150 for Roxanne Daveyduke, $8,616 and $3,549 for Raquel Knust, and $7,896 and $849 for Shawn Shishido.

McCune says he would like to see a review of council remuneration to ensure it’s reflective of the responsibilities and expectations.

“Some people have to miss work (for council duties),” he said.

Financial details have also been released for staff for 2015.

Tate Bengtson, chief administrative officer, had a salary of $104,302 and expenses of $631 while Clayton Castle, public works lead hand, had a wage of $78,876 and expenses of $340. The other employee earning over $75,000 was Kevin Walters, systems operator, at a wage of $76,206 and expenses of $1,583.

The total for all other employees under $75,000 was wages of $944,015 and expenses of $14,228.