Enderby project proceeds

Revitalization planned to vamp up downtown Enderby

Makeover plans are underway for downtown Enderby.

City council informed residents Monday that downtown revitalization is a priority and a process has been established to get the public involved.

“We will engage the entire community on their vision for downtown,” said Mayor Howie Cyr.

“The community may decide it wants a walking mall and a no-through street or it may want a theme. We will talk about all kinds of ideas.”

The Enderby Arts Council urged the city Monday to move ahead with beautification efforts.

“Knowing as we do that there are a number of urgent matters on your list of things to be done during the next year, our arts council would still urge council to give priority to completing the planning for what we all hope will turn out to be a vibrant and inviting space filled with greenery and hope,” said Neil Fidler, arts council president, in a letter.

Revitalization will be the focus of a public meeting Feb. 16 at 5 p.m. at the Royal Canadian Legion.

Cyr says the city wants to consult with residents and move ahead.

“We’ve been talking about it for years and we want to set some goals.”

A timeline hasn’t been established for draft designs, engineering work or pursing funding sources for the work.

“It will be a long-term project but the key item is that we’re getting at it,” said Cyr.


The Feb. 16 meeting is being organized by the Enderby Chamber of Commerce.