Enderby ready to track illegal dumping

The city is moving ahead with an illegal dumping reporting program.

Enderby residents are being urged to turn in neighbours who improperly dispose of trash.

The city is moving ahead with an illegal dumping reporting program.

“It’s been a problem in certain areas so we need a vehicle to deal with it,” said Coun. Shawn Shishido.

Mayor Greg McCune also wants action.

“At the ends of most roads there is garbage,” he said.

“I drove by a vehicle and it left an old television in a parking lot.”

Information on the city’s website will tell residents how to report cases of illegal dumping.

“This page would provide a convenient, effective and readily available tool for individuals to report instances where they witness illegal dumping and would ensure the city receives all of the necessary information required to pursue enforcement,” said Kurt Inglis, assistant corporate officer, in a memo.

“In addition, the city would offer a reward in instances where a report led to successful bylaw convictions of the offenders and payment of the fine. Staff are proposing a $200 reward.”

The city will develop illegal dumping bylaws and municipal ticketing will be amended to include penalties for illegal dumping.

Staff is proposing a $1,000 for offences.

McCune says it’s necessary for the city and residents work together on trash.

“We want to be more proactive and I hope it will work,” he said.