Enderby takes smart meter debate to the public

Public input meeting to be held in Enderby over smart meters

The battle over smart meters continues to be waged in Enderby.

A potential position on the remote monitoring devices was expected Monday, but the city has decided to hold another meeting for public input.

“We were going to take a council position but the people who have concerns about meters said, ‘You haven’t heard our side,’” said Coun. Earl Shipmaker.

It’s expected the future session will be held in a larger venue like the Drill Hall to accommodate a large number of people.

The issue of smart meters has been hanging over council since a resident asked for a ban on the devices in February.

The city also formed a committee to examine health and privacy concerns about smart meters and information has been provided by Citizens for Safe Technology, which opposes meter installation.

On Monday, council heard from a B.C. Hydro representative as to why the corporation believes the meters are necessary.

Shipmaker insists the entire matter is actually provincial, and the city is being caught in the middle of the ongoing dispute.

“What ever we say is irrelevant,” he said.

“Hydro will do what it wants. Sixty per cent of Enderby already has meters.”

Shipmaker used part of Monday’s session to ask why B.C. Hydro had ignored a city request that no smart meters be installed until the company makes a presentation to council.

“We were told they deal with people individually and not groups,” he said.