Illegal dumping has been a problem in Enderby.

Illegal dumping has been a problem in Enderby.

Enderby wants action on illegal dumping

Officials meet with the Ministry of Environment while in Victoria

Enderby officials are demanding more provincial teeth when it comes to illegal dumping.

Council used a meeting at the Union of B.C. Municipalities convention Wednesday to protest Ministry of Environment enforcement.

“Without consequences, we aren’t getting anywhere,” said Mayor Greg McCune from Victoria.

There has been growing concern about illegal dumping within the city and the rural area.

As an example, McCune says a resident observed a truck unloading trash into a ditch. The man took photos and collected items linking the garbage to an address and then he phoned the ministry.

“Three months later and he’s yet to have a returned call,” said McCune.

“The ministry admitted it was behind the eight-ball and they have a lack of staff.”

McCune says the ministry is supposed to be increasing its workforce.

The other issue raised with the ministry was power boats using Hidden Lake, 24 kilometres east of Enderby.

There aren’t any official restrictions on the lake, but most boaters follow a 10-horsepower limit.

There is a concern that power boats could cause environmental damage and put fishermen and other users at risk.