Enderby residents are being urged to cut down on water use. (photo submitted)

Enderby residents are being urged to cut down on water use. (photo submitted)

Enderby water woes continue

Residents cut consumption as community faces crisis

Enderby residents are turning off the taps.

Businesses and residents have been rallying since the city declared a state of local emergency due to an imminent loss of water Saturday.

“Our community has done a good job of conservation and we will continue to urge that,” said Mayor Greg McCune.

Residents and businesses west of the Bawtree Bridge are asked to take all steps to conserve water until further notice.

The crisis arose because of high turbidity on the Shuswap River which led to a boil water advisory Friday, and a drinking water main being out of service since a break in April.

The following steps should be taken by all businesses and residents immediately:

· Eliminate all non-essential water usage entirely.

· Use bottled water for consumption.

· Limit essential water usage to the absolute bare minimum.

To try and keep the water system running, trucks are hauling water from the river and pumping it into the plant for treatment.

“The combination of residents’ efforts and the pumping is buying us five or six days so we can get an alternate line installed,” said McCune, adding that the boil water advisory could remain in place for a couple of weeks.

Efforts are also underway to try and repair the water main permanently.

As a result of conservation efforts, some businesses have closed or reduced their water use significantly.

“We want to thank the community for making a difference,” said McCune.