Enderby won’t crack down on panhandlers

Council has denied a request from the RCMP to establish a policy

Enderby officials aren’t convinced there is a panhandling problem.

Council refused Monday to establish an anti-panhandling bylaw although the RCMP had requested such a policy.

“They have had some issues with one individual panhandling and possibly bothering people,” said Mayor Howie Cyr.

“I haven’t seen him but from what I have heard, when people say no, he doesn’t continue to harass them.”

Cyr, who is a retired RCMP officer, doesn’t believe there is a need to have staff go through the process of creating a bylaw.

“It’s a one-off thing and to go to all of that trouble developing a bylaw, for what?” he said.

“It can be a complicated bylaw.”

Cyr also isn’t convinced that a policy would be effective.

“You can give someone a ticket and a fine and they can’t even pay it,” he said.

In other enforcement matters, the city is looking at establishing a traffic calming policy.

Council has recently received a number of requests from neighbourhoods wanting four-way stops or speed bumps to slow motorists down.

“A policy sets expectations for people and gives our staff clear guidelines,” said Cyr.