Enderby work a go

Major highway upgrades are being expedited in Enderby.

Major highway upgrades are being expedited in Enderby.

Work on Highway 97A will resume this week after initial concerns that it would be stalled until spring because utility poles had not been moved.

“We will push forward and work around the poles,” said Ken Aura, senior project manager with the Ministry of Transportation.

The goal now is to have left-turn lanes and traffic lights installed in November before snow falls.

“We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t think it was achievable,” said Aura.

Enderby council was told last week that it was unlikely the project, which started in October 2010, would be completed until spring 2012 because some utility poles had not been relocated yet.

Poles may be moved this fall but road work will proceed either way.

“The poles run right along where we want to run the curb and gutter. We will run the curb up to the poles and run around them,” said Aura, adding that does create some inefficiencies for the crews.

With both the road contractor and utilities on site, there could be some delays for motorists.

“It will be an active construction zone and there will be the usual impacts with that,” said Aura.

The ministry’s decision to relaunch construction this week is being welcomed by city officials.

“This is good news for the community,” said Mayor Dee Wejr.

“I was really disappointed when I thought it wouldn’t get completed until spring.”

However, timelines could be negatively impacted by poor weather.

“Paving is a concern once it gets cool and wet but we can add to the paving mixture to give us room with the weather,” said Aura.