Fairbairn returned as rural Lumby director

Huguette Allen comes in second place in race for Area D

Rick Fairbairn has won a clear victory in rural Lumby.

The incumbent director won another term after capturing 463 votes in Area D Saturday. Huguette Allen received 199 votes.

“The constituents have spoken,” said Fairbairn, who is currently vice-chairperson of the Regional District of North Okanagan.

Fairbair, who has been director since 2002, believes there are a number of reasons why voters went with him.

“My past record on the environment, forestry and agriculture were factors.”

Allen says she presented an opportunity for change.

“A lot of ideas were perceived to be scary but we got 40 per cent of the vote,” she said.

“We set a fire under a lot of people.”