Fall decorating helps generate warmth indoors

Fall decorating helps generate warmth indoors

Layering textiles, lighting candles among ways to welcome new season

The days are getting shorter.

The mercury is beginning to drop and your favourite coffee shop is selling everything pumpkin spice.

It’s time to put away the fruit-motif floaties and bathing suits and embrace the changing of the seasons.

Autumn is a season of new beginnings for many.

With fall comes opportunity to re-establish routine and get down to business.

It’s a time to fix the kinks in schedules and harness that energy to boost productivity.

When you return home after a hard day’s work, there’s nothing better than diving into a local red, or warm hot tea and curl under a blanket inside by candlelight.

Fall is about feeling cosy. Inside and out.

And we have a few tips for you to bring the warmth the season brings indoors with just a few decorations — and they won’t even break the bank.

1. All about the colours

Transitioning from summer to fall decor can be simple, especially if you’re starting from a neutral palette. A few splashes of reds, yellows, burnt oranges and some browns and you will be feeling warmer already.

If you’re starting from a more colourful place, try adding some soft whites and beige textiles and trinkets to bring a serene comfort to your space.

These simple tweaks can be achieved by simply adding a new slip to your favourite decorative pillow, or introducing a new vase or candle holder to your mantel or coffee table.

2. Add light

The skies are growing dark rather early as of late, but that’s no reason to turn on all of your lights at once.

Keep that energy bill low by instead flicking on a few lamps and lighting a couple of scented candles to really warm a space up.

Layering lights by having lamps, lanterns and candles at different levels throughout your home can create a more cosy space with intricate shadows and depth.

Not only will your space look fall-ready, but your home is bound to smell like in-season scents.

You can even add an extra dose of pumpkin spice, if you so choose. Cinnamon, warm vanilla and cedar are also suggested scents to try this fall.

This is a great excuse to scope out the thrift shops in Vernon and score some great deals on new-to-you lamps. Don’t like the colours?

A can of spray paint is really inexpensive and can breathe fresh life into any thrift-store find.

3. Bring nature indoors

This tip doesn’t have to cost you anything at all.

The Home and Garden Network suggests bringing the outdoors in; grab some leaves and fallen pine cones from your yard and add these to vases around your home.

You could even use some mod podge and paint your natural findings to the outside of a mason jar you have in your kitchen to create a fall-inspired candle holder.

If you’d rather avoid dealing with decomposing tree droppings, fabric foliage or falsie flowers are a great alternative.

They are inexpensive and can be found at Walmart, Michaels and most dollar stores.

Plus, they last forever. You can use them season after season.

4. Decorate your space with produce

Nothing screams autumn more than big, orange pumpkins and gourds.

Use mini pumpkins to decorate any table setting, or core them just enough to fit in a small tea light for a natural candle holder — you can try this with apples, as well.

Not only are these simple and inexpensive to make, but they add colour and fan-favourite scents to your home with no artificial additives.