Fence a provision for new campsites

A Shuswap property must adhere to some imposed conditions before opening up 10 agri-tourism campsites on his property

A Shuswap man whose property is in the Regional District of North Okanagan’s Electoral Area F must adhere to some imposed conditions before opening up 10 agri-tourism campsites on his property.

Robert Black has applied to RDNO to modify a covenant on his Black Road property near Salmon Arm in order to establish the campsites.

The covenant was established in 1999, when Black opened a nine-hole golf course on his property. The covenant restricted commercial use of the property to the operation and maintenance of the course, a pro shop and limited retail sales.

“The covenant applies to the entire property,” said Rob Smailes, RDNO’s general manager of planning and building.

Opposition to the application came from Black’s neighbours, Johanna and Alex Spalteholz.

“It is forecasted that the summers in the future will get hotter and dryer, and campers are keen to have campfires,” said Johanna, expressing one of several concerns about the plan.

“Who will control that the fires are extinguished?”

The Spalteholzs told regional district directors that between the properties, there is currently a barbed wire fence which gets heavily damaged after winter year after year, and the Spalteholzs claim they are the ones who fix the fence.

They have also had people cut or remove part of the wires, they said, so they could venture out on quad vehicles onto their property.

The couple called for Black to establish a professional chain link fence with signage on the property.

Electoral Area F director Herman Halvorson motioned, as part of agreeing to modifying the covenant, that Black erect a five-strand barbed wire fence from the southeast corner to northeast corner of his property, and from the southeast corner west to Black Road, and that he maintain the fence.

The motion passed though electoral area B director Bob Fleming opposed, citing not erecting signage as per the Spalteholz’s request.

Smailes said before Black can establish his campsite, he has to obtain a campground permit, which will include the motion to build and maintain the barbed wire fence.