Final thoughts from former CAO

Patti Ferguson knows she left the city in good, capable hands

Patti Ferguson knows she left the city in good, capable hands.

The 15-year chief administrative officer for the City of Armstrong retired at the end of February but not before giving her account of her final year in the city’s 2013 annual report.

“The team that is Armstrong city council and staff strive to ensure that works and services are provided in a fiscally responsible, timely way, while giving planning for the future equal consideration,” wrote Ferguson, who was succeeded by former deputy corporate officer Melinda Stickney.

“I leave full of gratitude to have worked with amazing staffs and councils, and knowing that the work will continue in the hands of dedicated and caring folks that you can approach at any time…”

Among the highlights of municipality’s annual reports are the figures on remuneration and expense.

Ferguson and Stickney topped the list in 2013.

Ferguson made $124,705 including $118,851 in remuneration and she claimed $5,854 in expenses alluding to conferences, travel and accommodation.

Stickney also topped six figures as her $9,796 in expenses, along with remuneration of $96,656 put her at $106,452.

Chief financial officer Terry Martens ($95,897 including $5,043 in expenses) and water/wastewater operator Kerry Fox ($80,608 including $2,745 expenses) are the other city employees to make more than $75,000 and so are included in the report as is mandatory.

Mayor Chris Pieper made $22,002 and claimed $405 in expenses for a total of $22,407.

All councillors were paid $12,820 with the exception of John Trainor, who was paid $12,224. Ryan Nitchie had the highest expenses claim at $5,424. Councillors Ron (Sully) O’Sullivan and Paul Britton claimed no expenses last year.

In total, the city paid out $869,216 to all staff and $113,136 to council in 2013.

Among the highlights last year was the city celebrating its 100th birthday.

“Our centennial year was a fantastic success,” said Pieper. “More than 150 events involved centennial themes recognizing our history and heritage.”

The annual report outlines expenses, staff remuneration and the city’s objectives for the next couple of years. It also contains audited financial statements for the year.


The report can be found at