Fire contract with Okanagan Landing won’t be renewed

City of Vernon invites Okanagan Landing volunteer firefighters to join the Vernon volunteers when contract expires in Jan. 2013...

Vernon council has announced the city will not be renewing a fire services agreement with the Okanagan Landing Volunteer Firefighters Association when its contract expires Jan.31, 2013.

Vernon Mayor Rob Sawatzky said in a press release that all active Okanagan Landing volunteer firefighters have been invited to join the Vernon Volunteer Firefighters Association.

“Council’s primary objectives with this initiative are to bring together all volunteer and career firefighters into one cohesive fire fighting team,” said the release. “The benefits will also include a reduction in overall costs while providing skilled, well trained firefighters to deliver the best emergency response to all residents.

The community has been the beneficiary of fire suppression services from the Okanagan Landing Volunteer Firefighters Association since 1975. The service has been contracted by the City of Vernon since 1993 when the boundary extension brought the area commonly known as Okanagan Landing into the municipal limits.

See Friday’s Morning Star for more details…