Fire sparked near Falkland

Fire sparked near Falkland

Small blaze discovered Monday near Arthur Road

A new fire discovered near Falkland has been quickly put under control.

The .1 hectare blaze, discovered Monday, is in the Arthur Road area.

“We consider it spot size. It was discovered but then it was actioned so it is under control,” said Shelley Zupp, fire information officer.

“The fire received enough suppression action to ensure it will not start again.”

Aside from the 115-hectare Monte Lake blaze, which was last updated Aug. 10 as under control, the Falkland area hasn’t had much fire activity, especially when compared to the Lumby and Cherryville areas, where there a number of fires burning.

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“Alot of the fires are going to be called under control until we can get to them and deem them out,” said Zupp.


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