Firearms bylaw misses target with Vernon council

Politicians seek some clarifications and changes before approval will be considered

Revisions are needed to a proposed firearms and weapons bylaw before Vernon politicians will consider it further.

Council refused Monday to give the legislation three readings. Instead, the matter was deferred so changes can be made.

“There are some contradictions and incorrect information in it,” said Coun. Patrick Nicol.

One of the areas creating concern is a possible ban on irritant gases like bear spray.

Some councillors are concerned that will prevent residents from protecting themselves from wildlife, while others state the RCMP has asked for the ban because bear spray can be used for criminal activities.

Coun. Catherine Lord, who called for regulations, says she is “a little discouraged” over the deferral and wishes her colleagues had called for changes in wording prior to the bylaw coming to council for consideration.

Look for more details in Wednesday’s Morning Star.