Firefighters respond to Silver Star restaurant blaze

Incident occurred in the 1609 Restaurant in the Vance Creek Hotel at 4:30 a.m. Thursday

A fire at Silver Star early Thursday morning was quickly brought under control.

Members of the Silver Star Fire Department responded to a blaze in the 1609 Restaurant in the Vance Creek Hotel at 4:30 a.m.

“There was smoke in the restaurant and heavy smoke in the kitchen. There was a fairly large fire in the laundry room,” said Russ Mills, fire chief.

“The initial team was able to suppress the fire.”

Smoke damage is spread throughout the laundry room, kitchen and restaurant.

“The water damage is probably worse from the overhead sprinkler,” said Mills.

The biggest impact could be in the Saloon in the lower level of the Vance Creek.

“All of the water went down into it,” said Russell Haubrich, Vance Creek general manager.

It’s expected the 1609 Restaurant will open Thursday but it’s not known when the Saloon will be available to customers.

Because of the fire, about 30 to 40 Vance Creek Hotel guests had to be moved temporarily to the Chilcoot Conference Centre lobby and Town Hall.

Firefighters will be back on scene Thursday trying to determine the cause of the fire, but Haubrich suspects the incident occurred when rags with grease residue were put inside the clothes dryer.

“The dryer caught on fire,” said Haubrich.

This is the second fire in three years at the Vance Creek.

In January 2012, some greasy rags in the laundry room spontaneously combusted and set the overhead sprinkler off.