Firm reveals review steps

Staff may get a better sense of the process that is scrutinizing how the City of Vernon operates.

Staff may get a better sense of the process that is  scrutinizing how the City of Vernon operates.

Council will receive an update on the core review from consulting firm KPMG Monday.

“This will be the first information session we will have had on the review,” said Mayor Rob Sawatzky.

“They will provide timelines and what they have done so far.”

Council approved an $80,000 contract in September for KPMG to look at internal operations.

According to a document being presented Monday, the objective of the review is to “identify cost savings opportunities and find innovative and sustainable approaches.”

Among the issues for the review to consider are making sure the services delivered are of the highest value, removing lower value services and directing limited resources to the delivery of community-valued programs.

As part of the process, there will be a workshop with the city’s senior management team Nov. 27. That will be followed by a project update to council Jan. 28 and a public workshop Jan. 30.

The final report will be presented to council March 31.

“There’s lots of work to do yet. It’s a large process to review an organization,” said Sawatzky.

Sawatzky admits there may be some concern among city staff about the final outcome of the review and where it may lead to layoffs.

“Because of the experiences like Penticton (downsizing occurred there), we are aware that staff has some anxiety,” he said. “That’s not conducive to performance so we want to get the process done.”

Sawatzky insists that there hasn’t been a predetermination that programs or staffing levels will be cut.

“We can’t make any predictions because we haven’t seen the recommenda